Oh Shang -Hey!

3 Jul

This is my official “hello!” to the blogging world. Personally I have never been big into blogging (along with twitter and BBM etc.) but I have decided that this is the time to change! I am currently in my fifth day of my 39 day journeys in China. Multiple girls in my program have quickly convinced me to blog. Quite frankly I cant imagine who would be interested enough to take the time to read about my day-to-day adventures; however it seems to be a good way of keeping sane in a foreign country, put all of my thoughts and experiences on paper, and most importantly helping me to stay off facebook for as long as possible!

I have always found it extremely interesting and endearing the way people can start blogs about the craziest things and make the blog into a success, for example the blog that inspired the movie Julie and Julia. Unfortunately, I can almost guarantee any readers that I may have that I will not prove to be quite as interesting as such fellow bloggers. I can promise you that I will make my blog as exciting for you as the actual experiences I will be writing about will be for me and hopefully you can enjoy this amazing experience with me.

Before my first post about my trip, I will give some background information about my trip. I left the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, GA on June 28, 2011 at 9:55 am. I took a direct flight to the Pudong International Airport in Shanghai, China where I landed at 1:30 pm. (China is 12 hours ahead of Georgia so to save you the math, that was about a 16.5 hour flight. Thanks to my lovely mother I was able to fly in Business, which made the trip much easier! I arrived in China on the 29th of June and will leave Shanghai for my home state of Georgia on August 6th.  I am staying in a hotel with the rest of my group for the duration of the trip, and am sharing a room with a girl Em, short for Emily. The hotel is in the Putuo district of Shanghai. Translated Putuo means West Pu. On the opposite of the main river in Shanghai is the Pudong district, literally meaning East Pu. The Bund and Financial District is on the Pudong side of Shanghai, which is the most westernized and metropolitan area of Shanghai.

I hope you enjoy my blog and don’t be afraid to leave comments 🙂

A friend in the program, Ryan, beside a play on words written in graffiti.



2 Responses to “Oh Shang -Hey!”

  1. Cyndee Goodman July 5, 2011 at 3:25 am #

    Hey Kendall just got home and read your blog. I loved it. Please keep it up and let me know everything! I overheard a man on my flight say that his son fro GT is at a university there for 5 weeks after being in Beijing for 5 weeks, so there are other southerners there for you and the Em’s to hang out with. Kelsey’s good in Madrid. She’s having full conversations with Hispanics there. The Bachelorette is good. It’s down to JP, Blake, Aims, Ben, Constentien, Lukas, the annoying guy, and then Mikey just left the show. If you want to order a USC baseball champ shirt you can have it sent here or I’ll order it and try to bring it if I get back to china in a few weeks. Kylie’s alive and well and sends her love. With all my heart, I love you now and forever- mom.

  2. Joe Goodman July 6, 2011 at 12:31 am #

    Hi Honey, I hope you are having a great time. I look forward to hearing all about your travels. You missed a great game, the second one. Florida had the bases loaded twice with no outs and SC played great defense and prevented them from scoring, very exciting. I know you will be posting your tarvels but I want to talk to you on occasion….so call. I miss you and love you. Dad

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