Rough Start

6 Jul

Sorry the last post was posted so late. The Internet in hotel went down RIGHT after I finished my blog but RIGHT before I clicked upload. How frustrating. Thankfully they are having it fixed today and in the meantime there is wireless in the lobby.


Early early this morning probably around 2 or 3 in the morning I got a sinus infection. With the horrible air and smog I knew it was coming, (I was given a prescription by my doctor before leaving for the trip,), but I just didn’t know when it would strike. Honestly I am surprised I have lasted a whole week! But let me tell you, when it did strike, it was like a freight train coming right at me! My throat is unbearably painful and my head is filled beyond capacity! I do have my prescription, Advil, and plenty of natural medicines to get me through.


Late last night a group of people that I have mainly been hanging out with; Em, Emily, Josh, Sarah, and Ryan, all went to Ryans’ “suite” of a room to watch a movie. If anyone has not seen “The Contract” I highly suggest it. What a great movie! It was nice to feel like we weren’t in China for just a couple of hours. When the movie was over and we walked back out into the hotel hallway, the smell of China and the Chinese language coming from behind every door quickly ended the mirage.


I do not have Chinese culture today (Wednesday), nor do I have it tomorrow. So it is nice to be able to sleep in until my 1 o’clock Chinese language class. Tonight we are going into one of the more city areas of Shanghai. We are going to eat an early dinner around 6 and then a Chinese acrobatic performance at 7:30. I am extremely excited about the performance because it is supposed to be amazing. I have been told that Cirque du Soleil actually got many of their routines from this show. Hopefully I will have some great pictures for the blog after tonight!


I am off to shower and get ready for my day of Chinese adventures!


The group went to Hooters for the 4th of July in our red. white and blue. How American!

Whole Group: Ryan, Zach, Em, JOsh, Me, Emily, Sarah

Just the Girls: Sarah, Me, Emily, Em



One Response to “Rough Start”

  1. Cyndee Goodman July 7, 2011 at 1:14 am #

    Hey my sweet angel. Thank u soooooo very much for ur blog. I am learning so much and feeling close to u especially when to my delight a pic of u pops up!!!! Kylie and I had sup at bonefish with Corb and Katie. Gave them ur blog email yes plz. Teach us one word per blog n mandarin that will help n our travels there. The info from ur culture class was fascinating. Got my pics back and they suck. Hoping u coMe home with good ones. Waterfall almost finished. It looks great! IF I’m able to swap and get days off to come back there let me know about when would work best for ur sked. Off to 60degrees n job erg tom back sun early. Iluvu dearly and am so very happy ur happy. XOXOXOXOXOXO

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