7 Jul

Chinese Acrobatics Show

What an eventful night! At 5 o’clock last night (Wednesday) almost everyone in our group met downstairs in the hotel lobby; however we all ended up getting split up because of the large number of people in our group. Although 26 people seems like a small number, when you try to walk through the streets and maneuver through the metro stations, it seems like a football team of people. Anyways, we took the 20-minute walk to the metro station where we jumped on the green metro (lu sè dè:green    dì tiě: metro) and then quickly transferred to the purple metro, which took us to our destination. One of my friends Josh is a football player for UGA (at least he was up until this year when he injured his shoulder too badly to continue playing) so he is a very big guy. He towered over the people in the metro and you could literally see the fear on many people’s faces being in such a tight space with such a large guy. At many of the metro stations, which are about 99% underground, there is usually some type of food court or mall attached. It is really quite impressive how nice they tend to be. We were supposed to meet our ISA director at 7 at the metro stop to go to the Chinese acrobats show, so we went about 45 minutes early to eat at the food court.

I have been trying my best to eat the authentic Chinese food as much as I possibly can while I am here, regardless of the KFC, McDonalds, Subway, or Pizza Hut on every corner. (They actually have delivery Pizza Hut and McDonalds! I will try to get a picture to put on one of my blogs. They ride on bikes to deliver with jet pack looking book bags to carry the goods in. It is actually very cool looking.) So at the food court while Josh, Emily, Ryan, and Sarah went to subway, Em and I got food from a Chinese vendor. We ordered a delicious looking plate (pan: plate) of chicken, onions, and green peppers, which came with a side of soup and rice. When it was ready it looked identical to the fajita filling you would get a Chili’s. Needless to say I was very exciting for something that looked so familiar. With the first bite I realized that this was not chicken but in fact beef, with many tiny bones in every piece. I tried as hard as I could to eat it but with every bite being a struggle to avoiding biting on and swallowing the tiny bones, I stuck with the peppers, onions and rice. Those components of the meal were very good mind you.

We then took the escalators up to the street level where we met with the rest of the group, (along with the high school group that is also here with ISA). We were all VERY surprised and excited to see Arin there, our tour guide the first two days here when we went all over Shanghai to many gardens, temples, and vendors. Our ISA director is actually his English teacher and he doing very well. We love listening to him talk lol. We then walked to the acrobatics show, which was just fantastic. You couldn’t have a flash on your camera so pictures really didn’t turn out very well, but it was amazing to see their strength and everything they could do with their bodies! The show lasted about an hour and a half.

Arin, our wonderful tour guide of Shanghai and I

A group of 8 of us then left and went to an area that was in walking distance of the show, that we call the Venice area. It is a maze of small alley ways with small bars, restaurants, and shops around every turn. We decided to go into one that was pretty dimly lit but had cool neon lights around the ceiling. It was a fun place to chill and hang out for a little while before we headed out to an expat pub and then an all-Chinese club. When Justin Beiber came on it spiked quite the conversation haha.

Group at a little bar/ restaurant in the "Venice" area after the Chinese Acrobat show: Emily, Josh, Myself, Ryan, Sarah, Em, Joe, Mike

From there we left and went to an expat pub where we made some interesting “friends” from Manchester. About an hour later we left for a club called “Rich Baby”. It was al Chinese people but there was no problem getting into the club, which had Lamborghinis and other cars of that caliber parked outside. Once inside we were enjoying the strobe light and vibrating base atmosphere until we ran in to a bit of an incident. An older man began to get a bit too touchy with Em and Emily. He wouldn’t stop so they said something to Josh who many times had to tell him to move along. He didn’t like that very much but left and went to a table beside where our group was dancing. About 4 of his friends were already at the table. Soon after that the group at the table threw drinks at us. Sarah asked them what the issue was and they told us that we were Americans, they didn’t like us, and that we needed to make sure we knew that we were not welcome in that club. Needless to say we immediately left. Although there were many people in the club who liked us and were having a blast dancing with us, we did not want to risk making the wrong person mad (such as one of the Lamborghini owners) and wind up in a Chinese jail.

That incident brought down the mood quite a bit as you can imagine and we decided that it was probably a good time to go ahead and head home.

The biggest adventure of being in a foreign country has been to try new things to see what works. And the club last night was just like my quest for good food: You have to try all different things and many of them will be a complete bust, but it’s totally worth it when you find the diamond! I’m off to get ready for class. I’ll post again soon!


3 Responses to “RichBaby”

  1. Kylie July 7, 2011 at 6:21 pm #

    Hey Tendall! So glad to hear you’re having such a great time over seas. Your blogs are very entertaining just fyi. I died when I ready the rat story and when I heard about yalls 4th of July plans!! Haha so sorry to hear drinks were thrown on y’all. Just like a typical night at any other bar though- there’s always drama. Hope your classes are still interesting. It was cool reading about the one child rule there. The girl I graduated with from China has a brother, and I remember her telling me about how much money their parents had to pay for the government to be ok with it. Anyways I love you and hope you keep having a blast!!

  2. Kylie July 7, 2011 at 6:39 pm #

    Hey sweetie, loved all ur info. Especially loved ur last comment about being open minded and trying new things knowing they won’t all be successful. I AM SO VERY VERY PROUD OF U!!!!! Off to job erg so won’t b able to talk til sun. Love u sooooooooo much mom

  3. Joe Goodman July 7, 2011 at 8:32 pm #

    Kendall I am so impressed with your writings, I really am enjoying hearing about your adventures. BE CAREFUL……I have told everybody about your blog, so expect more readers….I love you so much…Dad

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