Day trip to Hangzhou

10 Jul

What a long day! After going out for one of our friends  21st birthday (Zach).. we had to be in the lobby at 8 am to leave for a day trip to Hangzhou. That allowed us a little less than 4 hours of sleep. Needless to say it was a tough 2.5-hour bus ride and a rough start touring Hangzhou’s market. We stayed at the little market for a little over an hour where we explored the many shops and trinket stalls, as well as grabbing lunch. The only non-Chinese restaurant with McDonalds and we opted for that. (KFC is a much bigger and more popular chain In China which took many of us by surprise; however it is obvious to see just by walking up and down the country’s’ streets.) Surprisingly there is more chicken on the menu than meat, the only meat option is just a #1, a plain hamburger. I decided on a spicy chicken sandwich. I will admit, it has nothing on Chick-fil-A’s spicy chicken sandwich, which I plan to eat promptly when returning to the US! I have actually began to make a list of the food I want to eat ASAP when returning to the US. This list includes: spicy chicken sandwich from CHICK-Fil-A, sushi from Taki, A fried chicken salad from anywhere that is good, a burger from Five Guys, Mexican food, and a good meal at bonefish! Not to mention the foods I eat everyday: Ezekiel bread with jams, and blueberries and cherries!


Now off of my rant about food and back to the trip! The market had some fun little shops to go to and I was able to find a couple of good trinkets that I liked enough to buy. At this market I discovered the craziest thing, and I can now tell from one quick glance if a child in China is potty trained or not. If a child is not potty trained, his pants have a huge gap in the front and back in order to keep from soiling his paints, because they do not use diapers. Children are potty trained extremely young here.


After the market we jumped back on the bus for a short distance to go to the West Lake in Hangzhou, considered one of the two most beautiful places in China. We walked for miles around the lake, and although it was breath taking, it became too much of the same view for too many miles. There is a Chinese saying, that if a couple that is dating can walk the entire lake together than they will stay together forever. I am pretty sure that is because it takes forever to walk it! After a couple of miles of walking, we arrived at the famous lilies that were extremely large and beautiful, especially in front of a backdrop of ancient Chinese architecture. We continued to explore the lake and surrounding temples and museums until we ate dinner and then returned back to the lake for the West Lake Impression Show.


While aimlessly walking around, we came across about 5 adults and a teeny tiny little girl. The mother immediately motioned to the two the girls I was with (with blonde hair might I add) as well as myself to come take a picture with her daughter. While they snapped at least 20 shots, the poor girl only stared wide –eyed and petrified at the huge football player, Josh, who was with us. This started almost mass chaos with almost every Chinese person in sight coming to take pictures with us. It was fun to watch people take pictures with the boys, especially Josh. They would slowly walk up to Josh looking petrified and literally run away as soon as the picture was snapped haha. I don’t think a single person here has made eye contact with Josh yet.


The West Lake Impression Show is a type of light show on the lake. You seat in stadium style seating on the land while the show is performed in front of you. The director of the show is the same man who directed the opening ceremony for the Olympic games in Beijing, so needless to say I was very excited about the show. However I really cannot tell you about it. It was so amazing and breath taking, no words nor pictures could even begin to describe it. That is one of those things in life that you have to figure out one way or another how to fly all the way to China and make the trip to Hangzhou just to see. But in my opinion, I think it was completely worth the long day walking in the heat and the long bus rides. I slept the entire trip on the bus, until we arrived back at the hotel around 12:15 where I am writing you this blog 🙂


Two little side notes from the past couple of days.


  1. Having been spending so much time discussing the one-child policy, I have been extremely aware lately of the children around me. Almost every child I see is a boy, and if it is a girl, you can bet money that she has a little brother somewhere near by. On my walk to the gym the other day I decided to do a little “experiment” of my own. I counted there and back the number of male and female children to see if the ratio was as skewed as it is portrayed. I counted 21 boys and 10 girls! Without even realizing, I now find myself counting in my head when I start to see children.


  1. If you are a female and need a boost of self-esteem, I suggest a quick trip to China. Multiple times I have felt a bit uncomfortable when I see woman (usually younger between 20-35 I would guess) staring at my and obviously talking about me; however I quickly relax when one, usually in broken English, tells me how beautiful I am. Today I had my first encounter with a female asking me to take a picture with her because I was so beautiful. I contribute this to my pale skin, often referred to as porcelain like; many of the Chinese women strive so strongly to have. The most entertaining encounter of the type was yesterday on the metro. As we were on the escalator leaving the metro a man runs up behind us.. and here was our brief yet entertaining conversation. (Once again in very broken English).


Man: Good afternoon.

Myself: Good afternoon.

Man: I am from South Korea. Where are you from.

Myself: We are from America.

Man: Oh, you are very beautiful.

Myself: Thank you.

Man: You look like Cinderella.

Myself: Thank you.

Man: And I am your Mikey Mouse.

Myself: (just laughing)

Man: Can I have a hug?

And that ended the conversation haha.


Pretty/ beautiful: piao liang  漂亮


You are very beautiful:   Ni hen piaoliang.    你很漂亮


West Lake:  huxi      户西


That is West Lake:  Na shi huxi. 那是户西


metro: di tie  地铁


Where is the metro?    Zai nar ditie?  在那儿地铁


 Taxi: chu zu che  出租车



           I need a taxi.  Wo  yao chu zu che. 我要出租车


2 Responses to “Day trip to Hangzhou”

  1. Kylie July 11, 2011 at 3:06 am #

    Kendall!! I looooved this entry! First of all I’d like to day that I will donate my time when you get back to go eat all that food with you! Especially Mexican or bonefish. I could definitely go for some Bam Bam shrimp! I’ll also get you some 5 guys and sushi 🙂 that’s so cute that the ladies wanted y’all to take a picture with the little girl. Haha at school all the Asians use to tell me they were jealous of how pale I was. Then I would tell them I was jealous of their naturally tan skin. Ha the story about the man on the escalador reminds me of when we were in south korea and all the people were taking pictures of us on the subway. And the guy that ran up and kissed kelseys hand. I know mom will be so jealous when she reads that you got to see a show directed by the guy from the Olympics. That’s so cool!! Anyways, hope you’re still having a blast. It wasnt the same without you and Kelsey being at my graduation party. Everyone was asking about y’all and they all have your blog now so expect more readers 🙂 love you and keep having a blast.

  2. Cyndee July 12, 2011 at 1:47 am #

    Hey sweet Kendall, so happy u met one of my Korean friends…know u made his day and gave him an extra big hug! Well duh of course everyone thinks ur pretty…seems the Chinese r just more vocal than most. Glad that china doll skin is working for u there!!! Had a huge five guys burger tonight n ur honor. It was beyond relish. Kylie and I both promise to treat u to all ur cuisine desires when u get home. So just watched The Bachelorette…FINALLY she sent Ryan home. Lucas from Augusta got the boot as well so now we r down to J.P., Ben, Constantine and Ames for the family dates. I am sooo jealous yet happy that u got to see the amazing show. What a wonderful experience for y’all. O.k.signing off for now. Thank u a kazillion for ur call today. Hope hope hope I get a swap and c u there soon. XoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoXoxoxoxoxoxoxoXoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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