Marriage Market

11 Jul

The Shanghai Museum

Yesterday (Sunday July 10) was a fantastic day. Nothing overly exciting occurred, but it was a nice relaxed day and night, one of the few days so far that weren’t rushed and borderline stressful. Emily, Em, Josh and I headed to Zhongshan Park metro station around 12 for lunch. We ate Subway, (a favorite comfort food for us in China) and then had yogurt with fruit for dessert. At 2 pm we met up with the entire ISA group in the same station to head to People’s Square/ People’s Park.

One the weekend in People’s Park, which is located in the center of People’s Square, there is a “marriage market”. In China, the people are very studious and therefore busy with their schoolwork and jobs. Most of them do not believe themselves to have enough time to spend looking for a spouse. (The legal marriage age in China is 22 for females and 20 for males). Because of this, the older generation will take their son or daughters resume to the “marriage market”. The resumes are hung on trees with 女 (female) or 男 (male) largely written in the top left corner. The parents then walk around reading resumes, hoping to find their child a spouse.

Resumes on trees at Marriage Market

Arguing over a woman's child. Someone must have a fantastic resume!

Wall of Resumes

From the market, we walked a couple of blocks to the Shanghai Museum. The landscape, near by architecture, and the museum itself were all exceedingly beautiful. We paid 40 kuai qian, (about 7 dollars), a person for the audio tours which turned out to be a great investment. Without them, I would have never been able to fully appreciate all of the things that the museum had to offer.

People's Square in Shanghai, China

People's Square in Shanghai, China

Em, Emily, Josh and I left the museum around 5:30 and began our search for a western meal. We flagged down a taxi and gave him a business card from a Mexican restaurant we had spotted multiple days in advance. We have almost gotten a pretty good routine down to manage our way around Shanghai. When we see a restaurant, attractions, or just a general area we like, we find the nearest place with a business card and keep one in each of our wallets. Handing a business card to a taxi driver is much easier than communicating directions that we don’t know, much less in Chinese.  We went to a Mexican restaurant that has award-winning tequila, so we all got margaritas, DIVINE nachos for an appetizer, and a variety of enchiladas, burritos, and fish tacos for the main entrée. We also found a great café near by to try another day.

By the time we were finished with dinner it was dark outside, but the weather was great so we decided to start walking and see where it led us. We discovered that a metro line was just blocks away which was a great surprise. Before we jumped o the metro back home, we found a great teashop. The owner was full of information and was extremely helpful. She educated us on teas while freshly brewing the different kinds for us to try. Like I said earlier, It was a fun, relaxing, and beautiful day and night in Shanghai.

Full dining set in The Shanghai Museum

I have a test coming up this week in my mandarin class but I will try to post again in the next day or two. Thanks everyone for reading my blog. I fully enjoy reading all of the comments!



4 Responses to “Marriage Market”

  1. Cathy Goodman July 11, 2011 at 4:53 pm #


    I love your blog!! What a wonderful trip you are having. Uncle Steve and I find traveling such a fun and wonderful way to learn. When you get back I would love to visit with you and hear more and see more pictures.

    I pray God will continue to watch over you.


    Aunt Cathy

  2. mitch sink July 11, 2011 at 7:51 pm #

    Hello from Macon! Joe gave me your blogspot and I have enjoyed reading your posts. My neice is in Australia this summer and I am reading hers as well. I hope you have a safe and terrific time in China.

    Mitch Sink

  3. Joe Goodman July 12, 2011 at 3:41 pm #

    Hi honey….do not put ur resume on a tree, the crowds might be too much. Glad your having fun, miss you so much. Kelsey got a tour of Real Madrid’s soccer club yesterday, she said it was so cool. Keep having fun, Love you Dad

  4. Cyndee July 13, 2011 at 1:01 am #

    Hey sweet Tendall, loved learning bout the marriage mkt and wall. How very interesting. Pics r great. Chase sends her love. Mailed ur pkg today. Should arrive fri 15th. Call when u can for explanation of some contents. Sent bout 20lbs of dried mango! FedEx guy said China won’t allow any liquids or play money to enter the country..?…sorry but only way to get liquid oxygen to u is if I get a trip.Suggest u go buy gallon jugs of Nestle water sold at side street shops or carrefour so u know it’s pure. Kelsey has a pic of herself with a very popular guy from Spain that u r goin to b sooo jealous of. It’s on her fb. Kylie and I r spending weekend n LA visiting Malcolm. I love u EVER SO!!!

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