The Tea Experience

18 Jul

Saturday July 15, 2011

Saturday morning started fairly early. Half of the group met in the hotel lobby at 9 am to take a metro and then a pretty long walk to a chinese woman’s apartment for “The Tea Experience”. The woman is considered a master at Chinese tea, (which is extremely difficult and time consuming to become) and she “teaches” tea from her home. We were able to watch her make, (which is much more difficult and time consuming than I could have ever imagined), as well as try many types of teas. These teas included green tea, white tea, oolong tea, dark tea, and black tea.I was not a very big fan of the dark tea which she said you would either love or hate. She was a very nice and informative woman who gave us each a bag of our favorite tea to take home with us. [The bag of very nice and expensive green tea that I now possess has increased my desire to find the perfect tea set to buy! The Tea Experience lasted for many hours, until 1:30 when we left for the Financial District to eat lunch and go visit the Shanghai Aquarium.

The Tea Experience

The flower that is created when making Lavender Tea

Going to the aquarium was a nice thing to do to keep from wasting our time in Shanghai in our hotel room, but Emily and I both agree that we wouldn’t have minded saving the money that we spent on the tickets.From the aquarium we headed back to the hotel to rest before the long night ahead. I took a nice long nap while Emily and Em watched reruns of The Bachelorette and Pretty Little Liars. I was not very happy about having to wake up from my nap, but I was definitely ready to go to dinner.

A couple taking wedding pictures at the Shanghai Aquarium

We went to a tapas bar in the French Concession, which we discovered is a very fun place to be in the evenings! I, along with the other girls, ordered a roll of sushi and a mini pizza. They were both absolutely DIVINE!! After Dinner we went to a club called Shelter. It is an old bomb shelter that has been converted in to a club. It was a really cool and different place, but we were all so exhausted from the previous week, that we didn’t stay for very long.

Emily and Josh at Shelter


One Response to “The Tea Experience”

  1. Cyndee July 20, 2011 at 12:47 am #

    So glad u enjoyed the tea experience. Did Emily get some of the tea I recommended for skin? It’s delish. Were u guys as sad for Ames getting the boot as Kylie and I were? Poor thing looked devastated. Watching is becoming too stressful. I love all three guys left. Kylie needs the name of the collegiate bedding site u used ASAP to order for her aug 17 move in date. There r no non stops pvg-atl aug 4-7 so will hav to fly thru dtw but looks good sat. 6th. Looks like I hav to leave atl July 31 and arrive there Aug 1. Kylie wont b working then. She’ll b n atl for her tfs group send off/ party so unless swap/drop comes thru guess I will c u then. Yaaay! And I will b on vacation aug 4-10 so we can use S2B passes. Dble yay! Iluvu tons!!! XOXOXO

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