The Pearl Tower

21 Jul

The Pearl Tower (its so tall you can't fit it all in one picture). The tiny "ball" at the top is the restaurant and the "ball" underneath that is the observation deck. The bigger ball at the bottom is an arcade and roller coaster

Sunday July 17, 2011

On Sunday, the ISA group met again in the hotel lobby at 9 am, but this day we were headed to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. Emily and I did not enjoy this museum the least bit. It was geared towards young children, so we quickly found a restaurant to sit, rest, and wait out the 3 hours allotted for time in the museum. From the museum we walked next door to the A.P. Market. This market is filled with knock-off purses, clothing, accessories and anything else you could think of. I splurged and bought a clutch as well as a pearl ring and a set of pearl earrings. We stayed there until 4:30 when Ryan, Sarah, Emily, Josh, Em and myself jumped on the metro and took three stops to the Financial District.

Me beside the Shanghai World Expo Mascot at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

We each bought a 300 kuai ticket and headed up the 263 stories to our dinner reservation at the top of the Pearl Tower. The building, and therefore the restaurant, is one of the tallest in the world. We were so high up that when the elevator started going up, our ears immediately started popping.The restaurant is revolving and every 2 hours you can see all of Shanghai. Luckily we were able to reserve a window table which made it all that much better. The dinner was an all you can eat buffet style with both chinese and western cuisine. THE FOOD WAS FABULOUS! I had countless plates of fresh tuna and sushi. I would say our table as a whole spent the most time at the chocolate fountain. The timing of our Pearl Tower dinner was perfect because it gave us a chance  to see all of Shanghai during the day, dusk, and completely lit up at night. Shanghai at night was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. It is absolutely mesmerizing.

View of Shanghai from my dinner seat at The Pearl Tower

View of Shanghai from my dinner seat at The Pearl Tower

View of Shanghai at Night

Another view of Shanghai at Night

When we left the restaurant we walked down the three floors to an observation deck. You could walk outside where the floor as well as the “walls” were glass. (The walls were only about 6 feet high and there was no ceiling). It was a little nerve racking but VERY cool. We left the Financial District around 9:30 and headed back to the hotel. I was exhausted from 3 nights of very little sleep yet 3 days full of activities, so I was asleep soon after hitting the pillow.

On the Observation Deck. It was Extremely Windy!

Since Sunday, (today is Thursday), I have gotten back in to our weekly groove; class until 3:30, then the gym, a quick shower, and then dinner at Zhongshan Park, (unless we splurge somewhere else usually in the French Concession or on Nanjing Road). Nothing was really planned for this week, but this weekend we will take a day trip on Saturday to Nanjing along with some other smaller activities.


One Response to “The Pearl Tower”

  1. Cyndee July 21, 2011 at 10:35 pm #

    Loved the pics. Amazingly beautiful. Will u pleeez make us a reservation for while I am there? Even if ur sked is too busy I really want to go. Any night that is available is fine, preferably about dusk. Glad y’all made it to AP mkt. I’m taking orders for my next trip there. Haha Kylie really needs that collegiate bedding site u used ASAP. Fedex says all pkgs entering China goes thru the customs paperwork clearance before being released and u should receive it immediately after paperwork is submitted. Of course Macon peeps were clueless. So sorry for the hassle. Dads finishing the waterfall today so it will be running when u get home. Yay! Off to joberg tom and Kylies going to fam reunion @beach near Destin. I’m so excited bout ur upcoming trip to Beijing. B safe, have tons of fun and take good pics of everything since most of us will never get there. Kelsey sent Kylie a mayday txt to let us know Snookys has closed. It’s a sad sad day for the ‘Boro. If u think of any errands I can run to help get u organized for school let me know. Trying to max out ur sleep recoup time before hectic rush weeks. Love u dearly xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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