25 Jul

Once again I enjoyed a very busy weekend full of new attractions, experiences, and food. After class on Friday July 22, Josh, Emily, Ryan, Sarah and I took one bus and two metros to visit the Shanghai Zoo. It is one metro stop short of the Hangqiao Airport Terminal 1. Immediately upon stepping out of the metro we could smell the zoo, which is located almost directly above the underground metro stop. We were all excited to see some animals, but especially Emily who is in AOп and desperately wanted to see her sorority’s animal; the Panda. Unfortunately the Pandas were behind a glass wall and looked near death so Emily couldn’t get the picture with them that she had been waiting for. Considering the animals living conditions, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pandas were playing dead in the hopes of being removed from the zoo. Some monkeys had no vegetation in the cages, elephants are in buildings in fenced off areas that are only about twice their size, and the gorillas are in glass rooms with no vegetation or natural light. Because the zoo is so greatly below Western standards, the Shanghai Zoo is not advertised to visitors of China. Although it was a lot of fun to see all of the animals, the trip developed a more depressing feeling when we discovered how bad the living conditions of the animals really is. (Not a single zookeeper was spotted during the hours that we were at the zoo).

One of my favorites: the Golden monkey

Miserable living conditions for the elephants

Bears in Action

After the zoo, we headed to an area closer to our hotel for dinner. We went to a brand new Japanese restaurant called Hikari. The food was fabulous and we received extremely large portions for an extremely reasonable price. We began talking to one of the 3 owners, Mark, and we learned quite a bit about him as well as the restaurant. He used all of his money, as well as much of his parents’ money to start his dream restaurant. Because Japanese food is still not very popular in China, he plans on most of his business coming from expats. We really liked him and wanted to help him out so we gave him all of the information we could about advertising to tourists. We most importantly told him about “Frommers” which our group has started referring to as “the bible” because we don’t do anything without first checking what Frommers has to say about it. Mark gave us each a business card and we promised to be back for dinner at least once more during out stay in Shanghai. When we left Hikari, we walked a couple of blocks to the Shanghai Brewery. The five of us sat at a high top table for hours, sampling the many drinks available. We had so much fun that night. It really made me realize how much I will miss “the group” when we all leave Shanghai and go our separate ways in the States.

The next day (Saturday July 23), Emily and I woke up at 9 in the morning to go workout before our day of fun in the Shanghai sun. Although the rest of the ISA group spent the day in Nanjing, Emily, Sarah, Ryan and I decided to stay in Shanghai. The day in Nanjing was going to be spent in Museums full of some extremely sad history, and we decided that we had already seen enough depressing museums to last us a year. A company called The Ice Cream Truck was hosting a beach party on The Bund and we deiced to attend. There was a really good DJ that flew in from Germany and we were able to meet a lot of really cool and interesting people. It was nice to spend the day like the locals and not as a tourist. We had a lot of fun that day and are very happy with our decision to spend the day in Shanghai.

Sarah, Ryan, Emily and I at a Shanghai Beach party on The Bund

Our new German friend


One Response to “Hikari”

  1. Cyndee July 29, 2011 at 1:56 am #

    Hey.awww I love the adorable golden monkeys but the elephant n that small space made me cry. = ( Did u get my video email? If so u know what the dinner conversation was tonight with Sandie, Corbin, Chase, Katy and Kylie! Everyone asked about u and sends their love!!! We actually got to see a double rainbow while we were eating. It was sooo beautiful!!!!! Glenda suggested I go ask Dr Cown for another round of amoxacillin for u to get n u for relief with ear pressure before flight home. Will do tom. Waiting to hear back from Renaissance @ Zhongshan Park to see if they have room Aug 1-4 and give Delta discount. Have great shopping wish list from Chase that should keep me busy. You should consider finding a formal dress pic to take to mkt and have custom made. It will b a fraction of normal cost and fit like a glove. Think it only takes 2 days. Waterfall is finished and looks great. Woohoo Missed my fav shopping partner today. Loft has it’s half off clearance sale going. I did well…u ‘d b proud. = ) love u bunches and bunches. Xoxo

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